Chronicle of HEA GmbH

The company was founded in 1946 as Feinmechanisches Unternehmen "Werner Schwartz Electro-precision mechanics" in Hamburg. The company focused on mechanical production and the development of proprietary products. In the early years, the company dealt with the production of nautical equipment.

Later, the production of precision parts for the aerospace and automotive industries was added. Here especially Airbus, Volkswagen and Plath are to mention. At the same time various own products have been developed and operated for series production. Here the branches of oil industry, printing presses and innovative dental tools are to highlight. From the mid-60s, the company had its headquarters in Halstenbek, Eidelstedter Weg 255.

Since 1977 the shell company is HEA GmbH. With the subscription of new production facilities and offices in 2007 the management also changed.

In the field of laboratory equipment industry, the HEA operates worldwide.